Actually.... It is a similar process to Craig's that I am playing with....I am just trying to eliminate the step with the heat and get a more predictable outcome..... (yes Craig I still owe you a print!!).

I am getting very consistent coating when the paper comes out 'right' from the soak. My impression at this point is that the prolonged soaking is not the reason the paper is 'taking' the Pt solutions so well, my paper wet time as I mentioned is also about an hour. I think that the solution is mildly etching the surface of the resin that carries the sensitized elements, the paper surface feels and looks slightly different after treatment. My concern at this point is not the consistency of absorption, when the paper is 'right' it takes every time... I was just worried that by exposing the paper to additional chemistry and wide swings in pH I was affecting the stability of the final image.... Not that it has to last a hundred years... The curators from the MOMA aren't exactly banging down the darkroom door!

I have tried Photo-flo in the past and the sensitizer foamed like a mad dog!! Thank you all for your patience with my learning curve and I will let you know how it all turns out... may be a while, we are heading into the rainy season and I use the sun to print.

Cheers, and thanks again for your thoughtful input.