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Hello all,

Is it possible to straight from the 2nd fix bath into selenium toner when using rapid fix? I have read in some places (none reputable) that this is only possible by using Ansel Adams' 'plain fixer' formula as there is something in rapid fix that will cause staining on the print from the selenium.
The once fabulous Kodak “Elite” paper was notorious for orange stains in selenium baths if not properly fixed and washed. I used Ansel’s 1:9 mix with HCA for a while with fair results. I took the prints directly from the fixer with a short rinse in running tap water, to the toner. Seemed to work….

It turns out that HCA has a quite short life compared to the selenium when used this way, which is why I no longer do this. I mix the selenium 1:9 with distilled water and employ a separate HCA bath between fixing and toning. So far I have experienced no staining with fiber or RC prints.

While on the subject of selenium toning particularly, I sill find the results magical when the prints begin to acquire that 3-D appearance that is hard to describe. But the main reason I tone s to get rid of a greenish cast all my prints seem to exhibit developed in Dektol 1:3. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

Truly, dr bob.