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However I just can't get to grips with C41 colour. My results are consistent but consistently poor.
The negs seem a little dense and lacking in colour - especially blues.
The only valid "test" for the quality of a color negative is the final print. If you are examining the negative itself, they SHOULD look "dense" (somewhat - in comparison to a black and white negative). ALL C-41 color negative films produced today have a decided "orange" (actually dark yellow) bias, to minimize the need for cyan filtration in printing (negative yellow = positive cyan) - therefore visual inspection of the negative will seem to show "weak blues" (actually - too strong yellows).

I would suggest that you take some of these negative to an upper-level lab, and request a contact sheet.
I'd be surprised if you see "poor color balance".

Wait --- you are using the proper film for the light source - "Daylight" film in Daylight - ???

The results through my neg scanner (don't have room for a darkroom at the mo') are very pale.
I really cannot comment here. If the contact sheet looks OK ... that would be a scanner issue... I have *zero* - nada! experience in scanning negatives.