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IDKT don't you waste the selenium by using it mixed with permawash. I save my selenuim to use over and over, but once it's been mixed with permawash it has to be discarded or so I've heard.

Michael MCBlane
yep, that's how it's usually done. strictly one-shot. could be considered wasteful? I dunno...it's all pretty cheap in the scheme of things. I do reuse the selenium toner (mixed 1:4 or 1:9) for RC paper..just reg. old toner though. For me--I print so much more RC than anything now--been months since I touched a sheet of fiber based paper, yet I made over 500 8x10 RC prints in the past week and a half.

I tone probably 50% of the RC prints....a quart of toner is about 20 bucks street price, but at work--we get this stuff much, cheaper....sometimes the hazmat fees for shipping are more than the chemistry costs (E6 is this way believe it or not). Permawash is dirt cheap too, and a piece of cake to mix up & use.

I'm not fiber-based printing everyday anymore--I do use rc paper almost every day though....I'll use the selenium toner for that as long as it keeps on working with decent times. I sometimes tone sheet film and use a tank with a floating lid to store that inline with the processing tanks....fiber prints are kinda special for me these days--I do them to give as presents or to hang on my walls at home. I don't nickel & dime the costs too much....


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