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I was looking around for color chemistry (C41 and RA4 developer), and I noticed that the most inexpensive of the chems. were for minilabs. Can these only be used for minilabs, or can they be used in normal handheld tank / jobo processing? What's the difference?
Besides quantity? I'm pretty sure you can use most of the mini lab chems in small tanks, but the stuff is designed to be mixed in much larger amounts than the "regular" kits and are also meant for replenished systems.

Depending on my (reasonably) short term needs, I buy either 1 liter or 1 gallon liquid concentrate kits and mix what I need for a processing session. If I'm doing sheet film in a drum, I run it one-shot and have fresh chems for each batch. Since I'm only using a few ounces at a time, it's still a lot cheaper than sending it out.