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Anyone know if bleach bypass is viable with regular C-41 or E-6 processes? (Not the ones with combined blix obviously.)
I've never tried it.

I would *think* that it would not be very successful. The function of "bleach" in the color process is to remove dyes "unaffected" by exposure to light after the "affected" dyes have been "nailed" in place by the fixer.

This is different from the black and white process, where fixer converts light affected and developed "soluble" salts to Insoluble components to be washed out.

However - I'm fairly sure there would not be a catastrophic explosion. Uh... if you are going to try processing color film without the "bleach" (I can't help but wonder why...?) I would suggest an experimental film ... one where an adverse outcome would not be cause for ashes, sackcloth and extended weeping and wailing.