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Just checking out RealWebHost - they also have the dreaded nudity clause. Maybe Sean is getting away with it since he is renting an entire server.

I really wonder how many of these "no nudity" clauses are strictly enforced and how many are just there as a bit of CYA so that it's easy to shut down a site that gets out of hand.
If they have it in their terms of agreement and someone complains, they do enforce it, they have to because of the COPA laws in the US, as a photographers as well as a big game hunter, that is why I got my own servers, that way I don't have to deal with it and can set my terms of agreement, its not a law you want to mess with, I have seen many not only get websites shut down, but have been subject to prosucution because of it..If I was you, I would email Sean and ask him about the policies in force that he may or may not be constrained by.