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I have never used ethyl alcohol in my coating technique. I am not familiar with the produuct but understand that it is used to "thicken" a solution, making it easier to spread on a surface. This is a different action to that of Tween or other surfactants that actually reduce the surface tension of a sulution and thereby fascilitate penetration into a porous surface.
Ethyl alcohol does not thicken the solution, but thins it. Or at least decreases it's surface tension. I use 190 proof Everclear from the liquor store. I use the equivalent of about 5 drops per 2 ml of sensitizer (pt/pd + ferric). It has proven beneficial to smooth, even coatings on every paper I've used it with, although I've never been interested in printing on fixed out silver paper, so I can't comment on that. I also add it to my gum dichromate solutions to add in smooth, even coatings. If things go bad, I add it to my coffee to smooth my attitude!

Kerik Kouklis