Well I printed some shots yesterday on Oriental Seagull RC grade 2 with very good results. Photos taken indoors showed a good amount of grain, but nothing that overpowered the image, as the grain wasnt' excessively large. Outdoor shots seemed to show much less grain. All shots were exceptionally sharp...much sharper than anything I've ever used. I have a new roll in my camera that I am going to expose at 1600 to see if I can get better detail in my low values. Looking at the negatives, there didn't seem to be much of anything there, but I was able to get a suprising amount, though not ideal, with careful exposure and development. I'm also going to experiment with a roll of EFKE 25 in 120 as well as APX and J&C200 in 4x5 with PCat stand development. Hopefully I can get some good results out of all this.