I went back and read some of the old threads regarding the subject.
I saw that Ole started doing E6 himself, how is it ?
According to some of the posts its a piece of cake according to others its not for everybody, what to believe ?
Well the reason for all this is the fact that I am doing quite soem chromes in 35mm and there is a possibility I will in LF too, that is when I get to that. So researching the economy in LF before stepping up I found that one slide 4X5, or whatever, is the same price at the lab as a 35mm or 120 film (7$]. Doing the stuff myself should cost 1/9 of that in chemistry, now that looks reasonable
Next thought was, should I buy a CPE-2 with lifter to gain more control and comfort then maybe do all the LF devs and all the E6 in it.
Regards Søren