Søren, I have the CPE2 and have had it for about 15-16 years, with the lift.

I bought it new, along with some carefully picked drums and reels. I can and do develop all of my 35mm, 120 when I have one and also 4x5" with ease.

Some people say you need the expert drums (which will not fit on the CPE2) for 4x5" for the best possible developing, that may be, but, for most people, the CPE2 is perfect.

I have done all sorts of developing from B&W reversal, B&W neg, E6, C41, RA4, Duratrans, Cibachrome, colour print film, etc, etc,.

You will not regret, buying one!

I believe that the cheapest place in the world, for second hand CPE2 machines, is the UK, followed by Germany.

To put the popularity of the CPE2 machine in perspective, I was in Germany in a small town called Waiblingen, Nth of Stuttgart. There is a small photo shop where I bought cameras from in 1985 and 1986, I got to know the main salesman there quite well. I mentioned to him that he appeared to sell quite a few of these CPE2 machines, his reply, that his shop sold over 200 units the previous year, staggered me.

In 1987 that salesman came to Australia and he stayed with us, he gave me some reels and odds and ends for the CPE2 as a gift. He then mentioned that they had moved just over 300 of them in the last year.

I think the reason they sold so many, was because the Germans used more E6 film for the home market than anywhere else in the world.

In fact the market in Germany was so biased to the CPE2 machine, that Ilford started selling their B&W developing kit for ID11 in 600ml kits, which happens to be the amount required for the most economical 35mm developing in that machine