OK -
Bottom line...
slip a square, double the height of the height,
punch your lights out,
Meter for the low life,
movements and jiggle aren't dance steps, but good derivations,
if you inverse the law of doubling the print you get twice as many prints,
and pack that into a pint real tight and it just may,
turn out O... K...

... ah... and don't forget to pull the filter, or your meter will come off a foot,
and you'll have to wobble on home without leaving a print...

are we all on the same f* . . . STOP!?
when you get there, you'll know, you'll be exausted.
get off the bus.
In the morning.. all you'll remember are the highlights baby, the highlights...

Thanks all for the info. I think I've been overexposed. Matt- how you dealing?