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I am about to begin an endeavor that's probably hopeless, but I want to try. ...
I want to try developing the exposed film. I'm thinking of tray developing it in Pyrocat HD and developing by inspection. I could also try Rodinal. Anyone have any thoughts?
I just went that route. I developed a roll of Ansco "Plenachrome" - found in an Antique Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. That film, I guessed, was probably exposed sometime in the mid- `30's, and never processed.

I used the "oldest" developer I could think of - Rodinal, and after a couple of test "clips" I used 1:25 for 7 minutes.

Apparently, the emulsion was separating from the base in random places - so - *many* holes in the developed image (black specks on the print), but the images were recognizable.

I *love* doing things like this ...Ah, the adventure!!!