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This is addressed to the photo community in general, and to Photo Mechanic in general.

Namely, if SW FB "AZO" printing papers are relative easy to produce, why is it that no major photographic supplier - Illford, J&C, Kentmere, or Calumet - has seized the opportunity to produce a silver chloride "AZO" type of printing paper? Indeed, given that contact printing papers can be used by all manner of photogrpahers and related artists; what financial or govermental "interests" would prefer - and are able to cause - contact printing to become extinct?


I'm holding a print made on single weight silver chloride contact paper that is not AZO as I write this. When the Kodak AZO runs out the replacement will be there. The funny thing is that it's not coming from one of the big names like Ilford or Kentmere who wouldn't even look at something this specialized. To those that preach put all your eggs in one basket by supporting only one manufacturer all I can tell you is that your choices would be pretty slim if the markets actually worked this way.