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Because the market is too small compared to that of people using VC double weight paper. VC and graded papers are usable both for enlarging as well as contact printing. Silver chloride papers can only be used for contact printing unless you are willing to shell out a couple of thou on a special head.
There are at least three factors that objectively should cause the market for silver chloride pritning to be far larger than the present market for projection printing papers.

First, large and ultra-larger format photographers have become a major - and quite possibly the dominant - segment of the remaining practioners of analogue photography. Second, in this era in which ever limited disposable "home-space" to store an enlarger and related photorgaphic equipment has become an issue, contact prints with their unsurpassed gradation of tone and non-existence of grain present the definitive photographic fine art stanrdards, that for many criticial black and white photogrpahers, no other printing process can equal.

As such, the claim that the market for silver chloride papers is - or in the near future will continue to be - too small for commerical production warrants serious reconsideration. Indeed, in light of J&C Photo's post in this thread - as to the apparent existence of a non-Kodak AZO - reconsideration of the coventional arguments which seek to explain and justify the present non-aviablity of silver chloride pritning papers other than Kodak's AZO is long overdue.