Ok, I'm considering doing some platinum/palladium prints, just thought I'd ask for some suggestions before doing it.

As a background, I have experience with cyanotypes, a tiny bit with van dykes, and have the basic equipment for it (contact frame, brush/coating rod, paper, etc). I've got 4x5 and 8x10 negs with enough contrast for pt/pd, and produce most of my negs that way (for dual use, Azo being my primary objective for now). I have experience mixing my own B&W chemicals, and have worked long enough in a lab to know the hazards and proper handling of chemicals (to some extent, anyways). My contact print frame doesn't have a split back (but I don't really worry about it with cyanotypes), and I use the sun for exposure (no plan on buying/making a UV setup).

Given that, any suggestions on how to start? Specifically, is it a good idea to buy a pre-packaged kit with the necessary chemicals, or is it easy enough to buy them separatly and mix the soup myself the first time through? Also, should I go for a POP or DOP process to start off (considering my non-split back frame)? POP sounds a little easier, but is it harder to control contrast, etc? Any favorite/necessary/recommended books?