I have just started doing my own E6 in a Jobo ATL-1000 using the standard 2906N 4x5 reel and have achieved great results, once I had adjusted the colour balance. This is done by altering pH for which I bought a digital meter from e**y for about 25 and added Sodium Hyroxide to move Colour developer pH from 12.0 to 12.50. Apparently it differs for individual water supplies.

I chose the Fotospeed 3 bath chemicals and these have produced results comparable with the pro-lab at a fraction of the cost. The standard dev time of 6:30 is spot on when I rate Velvia at ISO40. Cost is about 0.55 per sheet including sleeve, instead of 2.35.

I chose the ATL Jobo since it is automatic and I want an easy life!