I have been to the show the last few years. Usually there are at least a few booths that sell used darkroom stuff. You will also find many tables that sell mixtures of cameras and darkroom equipment.

I have been finding a few Kodak Carousel projectors thrown out at my local dump. There is an area set aside for re-cycling good equipment etc.

A few months ago, I got a nice Carousel 650H with table, screen and about 10 carousel reels. In the reels were a family's vacation photos. I don't understand someone tossing out something like that...kinda sad...

I also have a kodak Kodaslide Highlux III slide projector that feeds one slide at a time. It was given to me and works fine. You can have it if it's what you were looking for. Manual and case are included. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday. PM me if you are interested in the projector.

Hope to see you there,