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This is addressed to the photo community in general, and to Photo Mechanic in general.

Namely, if SW FB "AZO" printing papers are relative easy to produce, why is it that no major photographic supplier - Illford, J&C, Kentmere, or Calumet - has seized the opportunity to produce a silver chloride "AZO" type of printing paper? Indeed, given that contact printing papers can be used by all manner of photogrpahers and related artists; what financial or govermental "interests" would prefer - and are able to cause - contact printing to become extinct?


This was well answered in another post, but I'll add my comment as well.

The market for Azo paper and, in fact, all contact papers is so small that Kodak was able to supply it with one small run of Azo each year. That is compared to round the clock operations on several machines 24/7/365 for color paper at several plants for a comparison.

There is no possible comparison between the magnitude of the market when you consider this and the fact that the Azo they made was partly unsold as it was, because the market was smaller than one run and so the rest went to waste sometimes.

Michael and Paula have posted their efforts to continue the Azo legacy and I applaud them for that. I hope that their efforts bear fruit. But, no one is going to get rich on making a contact paper.

The evidence for the size of the market is the large variety of contact papers out there and all of the companies rushing to produce more and more SW FB Baryta papers. ~remove tongue from cheek~

BTW, you hire a mechanic to fix your car, you hire an engineer to design one. Even though an engineer can fix a car, there is a big difference between the two. ~insert smiley of choice here~