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argh.. no.
if you're thinking of those plastic pre"stamped" papers to make postcards, then I'll pass...

and if you want to use a handcoloured image with liquid emulsion as the post card... then I don't think I'll make too many..

"Unique postcards" - that's an idea..
Sorry the intended humor of my response wasn't more obvious.

One of your subsequent posts makes your process more clear. I'd suggest just posting one and taking any resulting "flack", as they may fall outside the strict APUG rules, but still interesting.

Speaking of "unique" - my grandmother participated in an early form of postcard exchange back in the 1920s. The card stock was leather, and the idea was that each participant hand-painted (or, hand-inked) a one-of original for mailing. A bit tedious, I suspect, but they had lots of time on their hands back then.