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Kodak did not make one small production run of Azo per year. They made master rolls once every 4-5 years and did not produce more until they sold through.
Well, since there was more than one grade of Azo paper, and it was not entirely produced in Rochtser and etc., the picture is even more complex than either of us state, but the gist of it is that on average we are both essentially right.

Sometimes a batch was not sold entirely and even worse, some didn't turn out very well as we are all aware. And I think that both of us would agree that for EK, one small production run is one master roll and depending on demand that run based on what either of us recollect, could vary in timing and even in size.

BTW, have you ever seen wet SW FB paper tear on a coating machine? At coating speeds? Sometimes it is best to just clean the machine, re-thread it and go on to the next job rather than try to finish up the master roll that just tore, while making a minor product. Sometimes you take what you can get!