I'll be manning a table at the show both Sat. and Sun. I'll have an APUG sign on it - so it won't be hard to find me (how hard is it to find a 300 lb guy with a big white beard anyway?)

As for specific items you desire... stop in and tell me after you look around. The guy who owns most of the stuff I'll be selling has three large room FILLED with stuff - some old large format, lots of folders (boy does he have folders,) projectors, lenses, boxes of whatever included, He is one of the nicest, most honest people you could ever want to do business with. He won't be there but has given me the nod to get specific requests from folks. He may well have what you want.

Warning - while a wonderful person and a very knowledgeable dealer, Dick is also one of the slowest people in the world at hgetting around to things - requests may take awhile.