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A while back in another thread I mentioned that I once stumbled on a "Holga" filter for Photoshop.

You can make your $8000 DSLR take pictures that look just like they were shot with a $10 film camera.
Well, I've shot Holga's for over 20 years and recently gave up until going digital. Ha, Holga's, the cruddy plastic shelled beasts, light leaks, misjudged compositions. Then there are the smelly chemicals, wasted money and time trying to print by hand. Since using the new Holga filter for my D300 camera and an Epson 9600x photographic ultra chrome archival print maker, well, I have to say the result is life changing. I feel like a breath of fresh air has lifted my artistic exploration into the stratosphere! I take photographs with my D300, upload to photoshop, apply the Holga filter, and print. I'm doing exactly everything a traditional Holga shooter and darkroom user do, but have opened up new doors of creativity. After all, the end product is all that matters. I'm even prepared to argue that the Holga filter provides a more accurate Holga image than the Holga camera itself. I urge all Holga enthusiasts to try the Holga filter and start producing the Holga shots of your dreams!

-my impression of a Holga user gone digihead