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Toy camera elitism? Seriously, get a grip.
I'll gladly participate if Holgas are an acceptable substitute or someone is willing to loan me a Diana or give me the $40 to buy one of those plastic miracles from e*ay. If there's an un-loved Diana out there, send it along. Personally, I don't even leave for work without at least one Holga.
Not really. There are a TON of plastic toy cameras out there (I'm on the toycamera.com forum as well as Leon and others). Most likely, anything with a half ass lens is used. Then we'll be getting prints from Lomos, Lubitels, Isolas, Clacks, Holgas, Wocas, Spiratone Portagons, box cameras, folding cameras...yikes. When do you stop? Then you might as well just have a regular plain old print exchange.
I personally wouldn't mind getting more Diana images. I got one from Susan Bernstein and it was real nice. Holgas...been using it since 1990 and I'm tired of it. Images are starting to look really the same from all the Holga stuff I've been seing but I'd like to see more Diana shots. They seem to have a more etheral look to it.