Don't confuse the issue with facts now OK? I have a good friend that shut down the darkroom and sold it off and bought Epson printers and a Nikon Coolscan 4000. He was shooting Leicas Made nice prints. Had to buy a new driver for the Epson. Then he bought a Mac G4 with mega ram. Just because he did not like Microsoft. PhotoShop doesn't run on Linux. Then he sold the Leicas and the Nikons and bought a Digi Nikon D1x. Then he bought a new printer (Epson 2200p). That is before they came out with the new photoshop ver8. Now he has decided that the G4 is way too slow and he needs a G5 with the giga megs of ram. This is the latest thing. Is he a photographer or an equipment slut! I think I know the answer. Good thing he has a very good paying job. This does not count the priority ink systems or the high priced paper he uses. Now film and paper and chems cost some and some cases a lot. But good grief, what I just described was in less than 2 years.