The pH thing is in the Jobo E6 handbook pdf which you can download. You have to buy the chemical seperately, in most cases Sodium Hydroxide to remove red/magenta cast from my Fuji film. It also gives changes for Kodak films.

I made this into a 20% solution and have to add about 1 to 2 ml to get the change I need for each run. It will almost certainly differ for your water supply. I have found a syringe with a needle gives accurate squirting! My pH meter correct automatically for temp, but is far from the best available - by PHMETER model PH_009(III). A very original naming scheme. Hanna also seem to make very nice ones.

It is possible to do proper process control strips and measure these with a colour densitometer, but I did mine my eye, comparing with previously processed sheets from a pro-lab from the same shoot.

As I have only recently started, I am far from expert and will happily listen and learn from those with more experience and knowledge. I did find myself doing a lot of researching to try to get things right as quickly as possible.