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I would never argue that a Holga and a Diana are the same. They are not. But they are more alike than either is like a Hassy. To draw the between them there seems a fine distinction to me, akin to having a LF print exchange, but only permitting those cameras which have front and back movements. A legitimate distinction, but to me, an arbitrary one.
Well, not quite. The real distinction is between the optics. It would be like saying a Verito and Gundlach Triple Convertible on a view camera give close enough results. But, the Verito is diffused and dreamy and the GTC is just not very sharp (at least the one I have).

There is a difference between the Diana and all other "toy" cameras. I'm not interested in acquiring unsharp Holga pictures. I am interested in trading dreamy Diana pics. There's a reason why Dianas are sought after and command high prices. If you can't see the difference, you probably think Pepsi and Coke are too similar to distinguish as well.

If others want to have a Holga pic exchange, go for it. For that matter, have a "toy" camera pic exchange and let everything in. Or do a 2 1/4 pic exchange and let those Hassy pics rub up against the Holgas'. But, the original idea here was for a Diana pic exchange, that's what I'm interested in, and that's what I think it should remain.