My name is Yong-ran Zhu working at Medical College of Wisconsin. I have been photographing Holly Hill church using mainly 4x5 camera (recently I also use 8x10) for many years. I believe that Sat. morning is the good time to photograph interiors. On Sunday, you need arrive there before 7am. Otherwise too many people around. Lots of people come from Chicago area and come early . Besides, the church will turn on the beautiful lights in the chapel at third floor early, which will cause the lights to be over-exposed . It is difficult to avoid it for the chapel is relatively dark especially around 7-8 am in winter season. On Sat. you will have longer time to photograph the church especially in cloudy day. Not only there are a few people around, but also the window light will help us to photograph well. If lucky enough, it will have 5-7 zones between the bright light on the wall to dark part in the chapel, if you do BW photography. So we can have relatively good negatives. I never have any trouble using my tripod. People are very friendly, too. I also believe if you want to photograph church, the view camera is the choice.
Evan is my friend. He told me that you would like to meet the photographers
live around here. I think it is a good idea for we have common interests. I will try to join the group meeting if we can select a day available for everybody.
Also, we can bring some prints to share the visions.