After discussing this matter of using the current plateholder with modern film with the previous owner, as well as gathering info from internet forums, I'll first try the method of "backing" the film with either a glass plate or a metal plate cut to the same size as the film. The holder has springs which will press the plate (either glass or metal) / film "sandwich" against the front frame of the film holder. In case that is insufficent at preventing film sag, I'll then use a spray mount from GEPE which has the stickyness of those yellow post-it note pads. It is sold through a company here in Germany called Monochrom for this very purpose. It is ph neutral, and stays tacky for quite some time.

But to answer your question David, even IF I were to have the camera modified, and a couple of filmholder made up, the total price for the camera, modifications, Goerz lens and holders would STILL be cheaper than the current market prices for either new or used banquet cameras.

Needless to say, I got a GREAT price on this outfit. Every once in awhile bargings can still be found on Ebay, but they are becoming increasingly harder to find.