Starting to enjoy LF I feels drawn to rethink my MF gear (Bronica SQAi with 50,80 and 150mm lenses). There are two issues that comes to mind perhaps more:
1. sharpness: Hassi for instance does it better but there are other
2. Portability: Fuji 645 can be hand held but there are other, more interesting too
3. control: its the ability to better control composition, perspective, and exposure that got me to MF at the first place - don't want to loos it
4. Cost: Hate to admit but its still a major issue
5. Dependability: I still use MF to much larger extend than LF

I have started to think about two directions:
1 TLR cameras like the Rolleiflex 2. Rangefinder
Both have limited or no option for lens replacement (to tele and WA) and a parallax problem. My main photographic interest with them is landscape, urban scenes, and portraits. They should be also my main camera for travel.

reading my post here it looks like an age old topic that have most likely been discussed here before - hopefully from different angles ;-)