All the wonderful gadgetry....

We are caught in the "full-feature" age - where the electronic gadgetmakers are hanging useless junk on everything - software is only one example.

After my Olympus OM4 went underwater in the "great flood" that we had here a few years ago, I checked out the latest whiz-bang electronically controlled cameras.

I looked at the latest model from Pentax - is Honeywell still involved? - and after reading some of the manual dealing with the marvelously intricate programmable functions ... "In this mode, the aperture will be set before the shutter speed is determined, and the lens will focus on the nearest bright object, and refocus before the flash exposure...."

Needless to say, I gave up. I had concluded that I didn't even have a foggy idea of WHY all this was relevant.... or why anyone in their right minds would CARE.

My wife just bought a *NEW*!! Cell phone. All the latest. It is now close to slapstick comedy watching her trying to use the thing. I, myself, have actually figured out how to find out who called, when I missed the call on my old, obsolete Nokia ... I was going to check the model number, but my wife borrowed it again. She knew how to place a simple phone call, and answer the thing when it rang. I know that the old one has the capability of being used as a calculator -- I've never done that. It has "games" -- I've never used that, either.

There are distinct vantages to being a Luddite. At least I *know* what is happening when I use my Hasselblad 503Cx - which operates *without* batteries.

It is a JOY to be operate "in CONTROL" of my (photographic) destiny - and to make my OWN mistakes. At least I can understand what happened without going to page 38b, figure 17, of the manual.

BTW - I know that Hasselblad translates to "hazel leaf"... chosen during a walk through a Swedish wood.