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Interesting is that this was the suggestion and the wish of the local. Not mine...so perhaps you may want to reevaluate your impression of me.
I never mentioned you Donald. I know you and we have corresponded privately, remember at one time you wanted to come to live to Mexico. I just think is a bad idea, and besides it is another dead horse that gets beaten every so often, there is nothing new about poverty and you can find deprorable situations in every country.

It is one thing to go and photograph the country and if you find and interesting person to ask them to take their picture and another to go there with the mind set that you are going to "photograph the poor."

OTOH Donald, your last comment IMO is invalid. It is the same argument Witkin used. Just because locals ask you does not make it a good idea or something that is ethically right.

In the end is up to you, but why concentrate on the bad when you can concentrate on the good?