Well -

The Van Dyke process worked great - I made some 8x10 negs and a bunch of 4x5 from my files. Good ones were high contrast simple images and images that had an antique feel to them already. Same notes on the Cyanotype are that they look a lot grainier than the Van Dykes. Although they both looked great - I was more pleased with the Cyan - great contrast and sharpness - The blue on Cranes 8111 is very dark and it really brought out my negs. Selenium tone worked well (at the right dilution) and now I am ready to try aubumum. Making a contact interpositive of the neg and then blowing that up to 8x10 worked well - I got a little too much contrast on one - I'll probably need to use weaker developer on the 8x10 ortho (Arista) to get all the highlights.