I love the takumars. My 55/1.8 is a great lens, bought used but in unused condition for $12!

I'm partial to rebadged tomioka lenses. Also some yashinon lenses are quite nice as well. I've a auto Chinon 50/1.4 which is definitely tomioka made. I like that one a lot.

A 135/2.8 Yashinon has a pleasing look for portraits (not overly contrasty but pretty sharp) Some very wide-angle Yashinon lenses were made by Tomioka. They should be quite good, I would imagine as they sell for a good deal of $$$.
Fujinon screw mount lenses are great if you can find them.

My Flektogon 20/4 is a great lens, very sharp. Had to order it from Poland which was sketchy but worked out great in the end..