Probably not enough room on this site to list all the gaffes over 30 years. Back in the speed graphic days, once walked out of a newsroom with empty backs. Technically not my fault, but I should have checked them. Luckily, a photog from another paper let me use some spares for that story until I could get back to my own shop. (would that happen today?)
A couple of months ago, I was testing some 120. Ran the developer, stop bath and fixer in the usual manner. Was just going to put it in the stop bath when I saw my syringe of HC110 sitting full on the bench. I'd forgotten to put it in the developer water before starting. Thank gawd there wasn't a client waiting for the results.
Fortunately, when you get to be 66 here in Canada you're allowed to have a senior moment once in a while.
This is getting off the topic, but I just recently bought myself a 45 Pacemaker Crown Graphic(the graphic was the camera I learned on) and started using it again. I'd forgotten how much fun those old beasts could be to use. It's a lot lighter and easier to use than my Toyo field and it's making it fun all over again. Hope it's not a sign I'm slipping into my second childhood.
Anybody else rediscovering the fun of the game with oldtime gear?