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I will be signing on the emulsion; prints to be done on Fuji Crystal Archive.

FWIW, there seems to be an unfortunate assumption that all images on APUG are B&W. I say unfortunate, because I work almost exclusively in color. It seems whenever I or someone else asks a question, if it isn't asked on one of the color forums, everyone assumes B&W - a medium which holds very little interest for me. BTW, has anyone noticed that there are 0 color landscapes on the new APUG gallery -I think this illlustrates my point. I don't mean this in a negative way, there are many excellent B&W photographers here, but there needs to be a realization that not everyone works in B&W.
Here, Here Robert,

That was my point many posts ago, I as well work in Color 99% of the time shooting chrome and then printing, and I as well sign my prints on the emulsion...