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Thanks for the advice, but I had it on 1/60. The flash unit has all kinds of settings on it. Stuff like TTL TW Mn Sm, and a slide bar with W2 W N S T. I appreciate the help. I definately need all the help I can get...
One clue here ... "TTL" would stand for "Through The Lens" -- indicating that there is a sensor *in the camera* that would measure the amount of light provided by the flash unit, and turn it off when the proper amount reached ... or should have reached, the film plane.

I would ask one question immediately ... is this "Achiever" (as I have heard of it, a fairly "new" and sophisticated unit) compatible with the internal flash system of your camera? Was it a model specifically dedicated to the Minolta model you have?

I can understand the "TTL" setting - that is fairly universal - but the others are more cryptic. "W" settings could possibly be for use with a (W)inder, where the flash output is lowered to permit fast recycling, a necessity for rapid sequence work.
"TW" - I would guess that could indicate a (T)hyristor setting (controlled by a sensor in the flash unit itself) at a reduced output for a (W)inder.
"Mn" - a guess would be something to do with (M)anual - not controlled by any sensor, but relying on manually set aperture for the exposure.

The rest ... I would be farther and farther out on a limb in guessing.

Where, specifically were all these settings?

Do you have a manual for the flash unit?