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Thanks for the advice, but I had it on 1/60. The flash unit has all kinds of settings on it. Stuff like TTL TW Mn Sm, and a slide bar with W2 W N S T. I appreciate the help. I definately need all the help I can get...
I have an older Achiever flash and I'm guessing the W2 W N S T could be for the flash head setting Wideest , Wide, Normal, S?, Tele... as mine has a similar thing although not as many choices (W,N,T I think). If you can pull the flash out and it reveals similar numbers, I'm sure that they will corelate to that slide bar. The other clue is that when you do that, it changes the distances it reckons it can achieve correct exposure.

Don't know what the TTL, etc ones are other than Ed's logic sounds on target somewhat. Mine actually has another switch which can only be seen/set when the flash head is in the vertical position, and that sets the flash to suit either Nikon, Canon, Pentax or Minolta (or variations of). If you've got a flatbed scanner, scan the back of the flash and upload the pic in the 'others' gallery and we might be able to add some more confusion