Sounds like it's time to solve some problems.
We don't know much of Ruvys working habits
Ruvy, How are you shooting
Tripod or handheld ?
If tripod, light or heavy ?
How about tripod head ?
Lens stopped down ? how far (generally) ?
Shutterspeeds ?
Cable release ?
Color og B&W
If color , slides or printfilm ?
Film/developer and agitation ?

I was amazed to see the differences between handheld, light tripod, heavy tripod and heavy tripod using MLU in "The edge of darkness". From around 1/125sec to 1/4 sec there was a signíficant difference, using havy tripod and MLU gave much sharper images and off cource handheld gave more unsharp image allready at 1/125.
I am using a light tripod myself (Manfrotto 055) and always MLU and I find my images wery sharp
Regards Søren