I attended both days at the show and was very pleased to meet several APUG'ers there.

Whiteymorange was looking after his friend's table and it was great talking to him. A nice guy and very knowledgeable. I wish I had more time to talk..

Jim McD is also a member of PHSNE (Photographic Historical Society of New England) and was the Floor Manager for the event. He was busy but was able to talk for a while. A nice guy!

PhotoPete and I exchanged information on a Patterson print washer. I hope I was able to help him get it going. He was walking around dazed by the gear like me..

In the middle of all this were tables of camera gear calling out to us...

I was finally able to buy a prism finder for my Rolleiflex SL-66!! It took me two years to find an affordable one. Also found the elusive 645 negative holder for the Omega D2..

Two 8X10 cameras called out to me but I must learn on my Calumet 4X5 first..Maybe next year.

All in all a great weekend and some very nice people from both APUG and PHSNE..

Thanks to all who stopped to talk.