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Does this mean you found 120lpmm with the 4x5 negatives? Can't be. Anybody else find this confusing?
It is a bit confusing, but my G-Claron 150mm, 210mm, 240mm lenses are sharper than some MF lenses I have owned, and it is close to the majority of 35mm lenses I have owned, Pentax, Sigma etc. My 210 and 240 does seem a little sharper than the 150.

Not 120lpmm (did you mean lines per mm or line pairs ??) but they are up there. Most G-Clarons I have seen specs on were around 60-70 lp/mm (line pairs) at their sharpest. I have even shot one of them next to a Mamiya 7, Pentax 67 (with a sharp lens) and i could tell little difference with drumscanned E100G. The film was probably the limiting factor there.

I think the real issue is Ruvy has some sort of problem with his camera. It could be anything, damaged, dropped, and optical problem, who knows, but something is not right, and probably the only way to figure it out is to mount it on a concrete post (stable tripod) and start swapping bodies and lenses around.