Let me introduce myself here for I live in Wisconsin.
I was professor of surgery at Shanghai First Medical College in China and came to the US 19 years ago and now I am a faculty member of the Transplant Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin. I have earned the master degree of computer science 12 years ago, so I also write database applications in our college. Besides, I do some basic science research, too. I also did some beta test for Sigmastat, the biostatistic software from the SPSS company in Chicago several years ago.
After more than 10 year day and night study and work, I have established my career here. I had thought to do something else to relieve my stressful life. I went to join John Sexton's workshop to start my fine art photography. I mainly use 4x5 large format cameras, but I also use other format cameras. I do all darkroom work and also use digital techniques. I joined local camera clubs and the Photographic Society of America. Every year I join one workshop instructed by Howard Bond, Bruce Barnbaum... who use large format camera and make black and white images, to learn more from them and other participants. I joined lots of domestic and international competitions to force me to do more and better photogrphy. I wrote some articles published in the Journal of Photographic Society of America to share the views to my friends. All the ribbons, plaques and medals awarded only ecourage me to learn more and practice more. The 52 weekends are my wonderful time to walk somewhere in Wisconsin with my cameras, to see, to feel, to react, to use my camera to make images based on my visions. In the evenings, I stay in front of my enlarger or the computer to think, to interpret the images, which I have made. Then I use my techniques to make final prints with joy. I love Photography, so as Medicine.
If you have time, please type "Yong-ran Zhu" in Google search, you will know a little more about me.
I always very excite to meet people with common interest. I believe I will meet you in the near future.