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Oh sure. Gloat why don't you? A pox on your nose.


Sorry, I didn't mean it THAT way :-)

What I meant to say is that the chemistry I use is nothing fancy, just the normal stuff. I get my chemistry from Bostick & Sullivan, all premixed, although once I'm finished with my current supply, I will make my own pd solution because it's quite a bit cheaper that way (and thanks to a co-op purchase, I have enough pd salt to last me for a few years).

Which Photographer's Formulary kit did you get, platinum or palladium? Platinum will produce cooler tones, palladium warmer tones. What do they use as the developer? I prefer potassium oxalate because it results in even warmer tones in conjunction with palladium.

Gawd, I'm pretending to be the expert here and yet, even after four years, I'm still learning with every print I make (especially the failures).