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Credit goes to Mateo - this exchange was his idea, I just stirred things up a little and there was no shortage of takers.
Fine, I curse him too. In fact, curse you all - where's my drink?

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What I meant to say is that the chemistry I use is nothing fancy, just the normal stuff. I get my chemistry from Bostick & Sullivan, all premixed, although once I'm finished with my current supply, I will make my own pd solution because it's quite a bit cheaper that way
I don't buy it Gerhard. You're shaking down the pool hall and we're all on to you! "Look at me. Nothing fancy going on here. I'm just a regular schmo that PRODUCES BRILLIANT PRINTS!" I hate you by the way.

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Which Photographer's Formulary kit did you get, platinum or palladium?
I bought the PT kit.

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What do they use as the developer?
Ferric Oxalate

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Gawd, I'm pretending to be the expert here and yet, even after four years, I'm still learning with every print I make
Riiiight. Sure. I believe you. You keep saying that to yourself.


Regards, Art (Being driven to drink....much more now)