We have a Pentax IQ Zoom something (can't remember the focal length, but maybe it was the 130mm version) P&S that's maybe similar, or maybe not! Is the one you're looking at the older black plastic bodied ones or the new silver metal (look?) finish. Ours is the older style... think we bought it in '96 to take to England (in a move that I now regret, I didn't take my 'decent' cameras) for a year. It performed well, takes decent pics as long as you don't try zooming in on a dull English day (camera shake!) however, it and a relatives similar model (I think there's was the 120mm) both broke down with the same problem within days of each other (they were purchased about the same time but ours had 10 times more film thru it). The ribbon cable that runs up the lens fractured and when talking to the repair man, it was a common fault. I had it repaired and it's still working but we rarely use it. While it was being repaired I bought a Samsung P&S with a Schneider 35-70mm lens (also sold as a Rollie in parts of the some world) which was smaller and takes comparable pics. The Pentax now gets sent along to creche (day care) with the kids on birthdays, etc. The Samsung is now gathering dust as we're trying out a digi for p&s duties.

EDIT : The relatives got theirs fixed but it started playing up again a year or so later and they replaced it with the newer metal finish style one. It stuffed up also and now they have a Canon P&S. So I guess I couldn't recommend them