Soooo... I have decided it will probably not be me that changes the course of photographic history, however, I do print in silver as well as hand coating Pt and I would like to try the standard modern Platinum toning process (this seem more prudent than running off to France to try and dig up de Caranza's 1856 formula). Before I order up a big bottle of Potassium Chloroplatinite I have a few questions....

The standard modern formula that seems to be popular (I believe this is from Peter Marshall):

350ml H20
1g Sodium Chloride
3g Citric Acid
0.5ml Platinum Stock

Platinum Stock
1g Potassium Chloroplatinite
5ml H20

My questions:

1. Many of my images are of the ocean and I am intrigued by the idea of using sea water as the medium for the citric acid & platinum stock any obvious problems with this?

2. What is the difference between the platinum stock of the toning formula and the sodium chloroplatinate solution that we use for coating, is a substitution possible, if so would in be in the same porportions? (the solution as listed on the B&S site is 'Potassium ChloroplatinITE'but the label for my bottle reads 'Potassium ChloroplatinATE'... Did I end up with something different or is this a typo?)

3. Just how difficult and dangerous would it be to mix the Platinum Stock solution... Is this done with ingredients at room temperature?

My primary concerns are.... Explosions, invisible deadly gases, solutions that eat the flesh to the bone in a matter of seconds. Any insights or superior formulas are greatly appreciated!