David, the list of Nikkor lens I have says that their fastest 24mm lens was from 08/77 to 11/82 manufacture. it's a 24 F2.0 with 52 mm filter ring Lens hood HK-2. It has CRC which I think means shifting elements. Serial No.s 176021- weighs 305gms

Then there is the 24 f2.8 manufactured from 01/75-03/77 52mm filter ring hood HN-1 it also has CRC weighs 280gms.

Then there is the 24mm f2.0 Ai-S (Automatic indexing) don't know what the S stands for ser No. 200001- manufactured 10/81- 52 filter ring weighs 305gms it also has CRC. HN-1 hood

Then there is the 24mm f2.8 Ai-S ser No. 700001- manufactured 08/81- 52mm filter ring has CRC weighs 250gms HN-1 hood

The rest are all Auto focus jobs.