Heated drying AFAIK is used mainly in any processer to expedite film through put.

In the Dip & Dunk machines I became very used to using, the dryer had to be able to handle four rolls of 120/220 every 3'30". As a result of that we used to crank the dryer up fairly high. If you cook the films basically you only got film curl, which is a pain.

A few times the dryer ceased functioning. Every time this happened we just had films hanging all over the place drying at room temperature. Once we had just loaded about 30 rolls of 120 and the dryer blew a fuse. We were able to leave about 12 rolls in the cold dryer, whilst the rest were hanging around the lab. No problems at all.

I've been home processing E6 for about 20 years and never done anything more than hang the film up to dry in the darkroom at room temperature.