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This is certainly a worthy enterprise. I did see the destruction of the statues by the Taliban, but did not know that the taking of a photograph was considered evil. In the above site's pages there is contact information about donations to this effort.

I hope that the people of this reigon are able to maintain their actions for the growth of their countries. It makes us realize how truly petty our bickering about the daily lives we lead are. Here's hoping that there are many pictures taken in Kabul next year by many students. tim
Islam forbidde presentation of face or body. Islam also forbidde statues or like. That is why photography is banned. Well, thing are changed and only absolut radicals like Talibans respect that.

For example, have you ever seen portraiture made by Muslim artists? Hardly. It is against Islamic religion rules. Most subject of Muslim artists are landscapes and speciall technique of artistically writting letters, called caligraphy.

That was reason for Talibans to made such crime against art and culture that destroying of Buddha statues was...

But, luckilly, things are changing (I hope).