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The strange thing is those buddhas had already been defaced (literally had their faces knocked off). For a long time such defacing seemed to satisfy the strictures against human representation, but the Taliban obviously took it all to a new level.

My parents smuggled a couple dozen examples of complete statuary out of the country -- bought from farmers who'd found them in their fields. Quite a few of them ended up in the Cleveland Museum of Fine Art, but I still have several proudly sitting in my living room. I'll struggle with the morality of keeping them as soon as I run out of all other worries.

If those examples are mass products made for tourists, no problem. But is they are original Afghanistan art, your parents made criminal act (stealing and smuggling), and it would be only fair to return them to Afghanistan. By you (your parents) and by Cleveland Museum of Fine Art. Sorry for harshness, but that is that.